Bootle battle at Fell Green

Bootle battle at Fell Green

The popular Fell Green venue for the Bootle SC was again utilised for the club’s last trial of the year on a cold day and attracted a very good entry of 50 riders.

Jake Gowan puts in a lot of work to provide a variety of sections, but kept the number down to just nine this time to ensure the trial kept to a shortened route when the day’s conditions made it seem the prudent thing to do.

Jake took the class win over the Green course on 11 from Jack Dixon, very much a potential 2022 class champion in the Green (50/50) category, who was just two marks behind with evergreen veteran Nigel Birkett third on 20.

Rather surprisingly Darren Brice was ousted from winning the hard course by Tom Middleton, but it was a close thing as there was only a mark between them, 30 to Tom and 31 to Bricey, which showed that the hard course was significantly challenging for the small entry of 5 riders.

However, as is the norm, the Clubman category was the largest by number and was split into under 40 and over 40 and provided a comeback win for Jonny Clark in the Under 40 category, Clark having suffered a badly broken ankle much earlier in the year, from Connor Anderson and James Hodkinson.

The Over 40 class went to Kevin Seward and also the overall clubman best performance on 8 lost from Anthony Brockbank and Simon Brice on 14 and 16 respectively.

The club set out a dead easy course, ridden by just two riders, being Emmie Seward and Michael Capstick, and after a day of action, only one mark separated them, 100 to 101!!

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