Haresceugh Hosts Braithwaite’s win

Haresceugh Hosts Braithwaite’s win

Cumberland County’s venue at Haresceugh below Hartside summit has not been used for a while so the venue proved an attraction to just over 40 riders on the first Sunday of April for one of the club’s popular fairly easy trials over a sensible clubman course and an easier route for a dozen or so riders.

Former army teamster David Braithwaite preferred his special 300 Future Honda Montesa over his Beamish Suzuki for this trial and snatched a narrow win, losing just three marks, over Stuart Gaskell  who lost five and who preferred his 175 Yamaha over the Beta he will be using in the forthcoming Scottish Six Days.

Club secretary Robin Oliphant can always be relied upon to ride well no matter the machine he chooses for the sport, and in this trial it was his TLR Honda. Over the four laps the scores throughout the entry remained fairly low with nobody needing to lose marks in the three figure category, so in most respects on a sunny but chilly day, the trial proved to be a great success at this fairly remote location.

Lewis Gaskell continues to fight his way up the results sheet and with his loss of 12 on the main clubman course, he finished fifth as he contested the Youth B class.

The easy route winner was Paul Martin on a Honda from Paul Lowther in the Over 60 class, a rider who has been competing in the sport for many years.

Full results can be found from the home page Results link.