The Northern Centre title winners for 2021

The Northern Centre title winners for 2021

On Remembrance Sunday, November 14, the Northern Centre have the Annual General Meeting which will be at the Villa Hotel, Levens at 3pm. It’s an open invitation with everybody invited, tea, coffee and scones will be available courtesy of the Centre.

The Centre awards will be presented at the gathering and they are:


Northern Centre Trials Champion: Tom Swindlehurst

Rutherford Cup winner: Darren Brice

Intermediate award: Aaron Whitefield

Novice award: Ryan Whitefield

Green Tankard: Robert Shuttleworth

Novice Easy: Oran Speakman

Over 60: Angus Jenkinson

Over 50: Mark Quinn

Over 40: Peter Blowers


Schoolboy hard course: Jack Dixon

A class: Not awarded

B Class: Jack Dixon

C Class: James Clegg

D Class: Cameron Batty


None awarded

The Centre trials co-ordinators have pointed out that the Intermediate, Novice and Novice Easy winners are obliged to move up a class if they wish to be categorised in 2022, and youth riders should note that they should only ride in one class throughout the year if they wish to be considered for a Centre title.