the sport’s real star

the sport’s real star

Now is a good time to give an amazing man , some well justified praise.

Last Sunday, in appalling weather at the Revenge trial, he slowly walked the steep hill out of the start field, loaded down in all his wet-weather kit, carrying his camera and accessories, plus his walking stick and his umbrella, then made his way along the treacherous path through the woods, over rocks and roots, up and down slippery bankings until he reached the waterfall sections where he wanted to take the fabulous pictures you see in the Gallery and in the Revenge report now.

Adopting his customary positions, nestled against the bank, rain and wind tearing at his clothing and cameras, he shot picture after picture through the day before making the return journey in even worse conditions with the path now torn up by the 80 trials riders over three laps.

Many of the entrants will have received, or are about to receive by e-mail, images that he took that day, all beautifully photo-shopped to look their best – free of charge.

That man is Eric Kitchen – trials photographer extraordinaire.

We salute you Sir.

Aged 88 3/4.