STATUSN = National: R* = Adult Centre Championship Round:    Last update 10th March  
R = Restricted to Centre: Y*() = Youth Centre Round: N of E = North of England
June 2022
15BassenthwaiteCharity Trial
Friday3rdLakes GTRCTommy Brady Memorial Trial
Sunday5thCumberlandNormandale Masters Championship Alan Trophy Trial NTBC
Sat/Sun11/12West Cumbria MX11th Youth Centre/Club Round
12th Adult/Club Round
Sunday12thBarrowScorpa UK Henry Trial
Sat/Sun18/19East Cumbria MX18th Club round 3, adult and youth.
19th North of England and Club round 4, adult and youth
Saturday18thWestmorland MCBultaco Revival Nostalgia Trial
Sunday19thLakes GTRCGS Motorcycle Services Multi Class Trial (Rd 4)
Saturday25thCumberlandCentenary Trial
Sunday26thCumberlandCentenary Trial
Wednesday29thSedberghMulticlass Trial (Rd 3) at Silverdale
July 2022
Birkett Motosport Multi Class Trial (Rd 3)
Y* (4)
Sat/Sun3rd/4thEast Cumbria MX3rd Youth Centre round, Club round 5 adults and youths.
4th Adult centre round, Club round 6
Wednesday6thBassenthwaiteCharity Trial
Sat9thWest Cumbria MXYouth Centre/Club Round
Sun10thWest Cumbria MXClub Round
Kefty Watson Memorial Trial
Sunday10thWestmorland MCTaylor Trophy Classic Scramble at Helsington, Kendal
Sat/Sun16/17East Cumbria MX
Sunday17thLakes GTRCGS Motorcycle Services Multi Class Trial (Rd 5)Y* (5)
Saturday23rdWestmorlandBarbon Hill ClimbN
Sunday24thCumberlandVelocette Cup Trial
Wednesday27thSedberghMulticlass Trial (Rd 4)
Sunday31stSedberghMulticlass Trial (Rd 5)
August 2022
Wednesday3rdBassenthwaiteCharity Trial
Saturday6thFIM EuropeEuropean Trials Championship. Juniors/ Over 40Isle of Man
Sunday7thFIM EuropeEuropean Trials Championship, Women/YouthsIsle of Man
Sunday7thBarrowScorpa UK Zeke Myers TrialR*
Sunday7thCumberlandNorthern Classic Experts Trial
Saturday 13thFIM EuropeEuropean Trials Championship. Juniors/ Over 40Kelso, Scotland
Saturday13thSedberghHellsfells Demo Arena Trial
Sunday14thFIM EuropeEuropean Trials Championship, Women/YouthsKelso, Scotland
Sunday14thWestmorlandAB Sherco Sporty Boys TrialR* (May yet be moved/changed)
Sunday14thSedbergh MCNormandale Championship Trial
Sat/Sun20/21West Cumbria MX20th Youth/Club Round
21st North of England/Club Round
Sunday21stCumberlandJD Pattinson Trial
Sun/Mon28/29East Cumbria MX
Sunday28thLakes GTRCGS Motorcycle Services Pre 65 Trial
Wednesday31stSedberghMulticlass Trial (Rd 6)
September 2022
Saturday3rdCumberlandMike Hodgson Twin Shock Trial
Sunday4thCumberlandMike Hodgson Twin Shock Trial
Sunday4thBarrowBirkett Motosport Multi Class Trial (Rd 4)
Saturday10thWest Cumbria MXYouth Centre/Club round
Sunday11thWest Cumbria MXClub round
Sunday11thBootlePresident's Trophy TrialR*
Sat17thEast Cumbria MXLee Tolson Memorial
Sunday18thSedberghRockshocks Classic Trial
Sunday18thLakes GTRCGS Motorcycle Services Multi Class Trial (Rd 6)
Sat/Sun24/25East Cumbria MX
Sunday25thWestmorlandAB Sherco Grant Cup TrialR*
October 2022
Sunday2ndBarrowScorpa UK Revenge TrialR*
Saturday8thLakes MTALakes 2 Day TrialN
Sunday9thLakes MTALakes 2 Day TrialN
Sunday16thCumberlandDixie Dee Trial
Sunday23rdWestmorlandCrabtree Cup John Holmes Memorial Trial
Sunday30thBootleRockshocks Championship round
November 2022
Sunday6thBassenthwaiteDK Laing Trial R*
Sunday13thAGM 3pm
Sunday20thCumberlandMemorial TrialR*
Sunday27thBootleGowan Construction Multi Class Trial (Rd 1)
December 2022
Sunday 4thBassenthwaiteStanley Tallontire Memorial Trial
Sunday 11thCumberlandGreenhead Trial
Sunday 18thBootleFun Trial
Monday26thBarrowBoxing Day Trial
January 2023
Sunday 1stCumberlandNew Year's Day Trial
Sunday 8thBassenthwaiteTurner Trophy TrialR*
Sunday 15thLakes GTRCGS Motorcycle Services Multi Class Trial (Rd 1)
Sunday 22ndBootleFell Green TrialR*
Sunday 29thWestmorlandAB Sherco Lonsdale Cup TrialR*
February 2023
Sunday5thBarrowFrank Jackson TrialR*
Sunday12thBassenthwaiteRobin Hood TrialR*
Saturday18thFell Side Auto ClubNorthern Classic TrialN
Sunday19thCumberlandMHB Motorcycles Aughertree Trial (Rd 1)
Sunday26thBarrowScorpa UK Founder Members Trial
Centre Board Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month at The Villa, Levens, Kendal
Commencing at 8pm (No meeting in December)
The Rutherford in 2021 was hosted by Barrow and District Motorcycling Club
So will be hosted by Bassenthwaite and District Motor Club for the 2022 season at the DK Laing on 7th November 2021
And will be hosted by Bootle Scrambles Club in the 2023 season

Centre Board Meetings are held on the last Tuesday of the month at The Villa, Levens, Kendal
Commencing at 8pm
No meeting in December
The Rutherford Trial will be hosted by the Bassenthwaite and District MC in 2022.