It’s illegal – help stop it now

It’s illegal – help stop it now

This past week has seen a spate of high profile incidents of unlawful and antisocial recreational MPV activity in the Tilberthwaite – Hodge Close – Coniston Coppermines valley area. They came to my notice  via the local community social media pages and national park staff and volunteers.

The first report was of a group of eight ‘scrambling bikes’ which appear to have been ridden on the footpath 512031 from The Coppermines Valley, via Hole Rake, to High Tilberthwaite. A group of vans were identified which were apparently linked to the group and drivers have been sent police warning letters.

The second report was of two ‘Land Rovers’, very late at night on bridleway 512042 above Holme Ground near Hodge Close, Tilberthwaite. At a point where they were unable to progress further the vehicles were turned around leaving a network of ruts on the waterlogged path edges and a series of gates were left open. A local who was roused by the activity made it known to the drivers that they had been seen.

Please do what you can to let it be known that the ones who got away this time may not be so fortunate next time.

I expect that the incidents won’t have escaped the notice of the folk at the Lake District Green Lanes Alliance / GLEAM and they’ll make the most of the reports.


Geoff Wilson

North Regions Liaison LARA (an organisation affiliated to the ACU).