Sign up for Lusky’s marathon

Sign up for Lusky’s marathon

Lusky’s Lead Mine Marathon for Prostate Cancer

It’s a marathon, 26 miles riding a trials bike up a stream! Well actually it’s 26 laps of a mile long stream, and a mile a lap back to the bottom over the moor.

The event is being hosted by Robin Luscombe, former British Sidecar Trials Championship sponsor and trials rider and the Yeadon Guiseley Motor Club. The event is  designed to raise money and awareness of Prostate Cancer, and as motorcycling is male dominated, and many involved are over 45 so it the age range where early diagnosis is life saving, it’s important to raise awareness.

Robin was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in late 2023, but after learning more about it he was fired up to ensure trials riders didn’t like him think it wouldn’t happen to them.

Robin was lucky as it was diagnosed early, and is now back on his bike, but he wanted to raise awareness within the male dominated world of Trials. Fortunately, with access to some great Trials land, with well over a mile of streams, and the idea of riding a bike up a stream a marathon distance of 26 miles, seemed like a challenge trials riders would rise to and get all the satisfaction of running a marathon, but do it on your bike, riding what trials riders love to ride, streams!

So Lusky’s Lead Mine Marathon was born! Then it was how to use this unique and challenging event to raise awareness, so once again taking lead from the likes of the London Marathon where runners raise money for charity, get the riders to ask their mates, friends, family, colleagues to sponsor them.

Pretty obviously there isn’t a 26 miles continuous stream, so it’s a mile long stream with a blast over the moors back to the bottom 26 times.

The event is likely to take about as long as the Scott for the fastest, so a great way to test your fitness or kick off your Scott training, but we have also opened it up to relay teams, so if you and a mate or 2/3 want a go, help raise awareness but can’t do 26 laps, do it in relay with your mates.

It should be a great event to watch, park up, and the whole event is easy to watch with natural grandstands overlooking the stream, and hopefully a range of bikes to test during the day.

If Dealers / Importers get involved, all that’s required is a donation to the charity, as it’s all for free, except a £25 entry fee and riders need to raise £250 for an individual entry or £125 for each relay team member.

Entries are open, all details on Sport 80, but any questions please contact Robin Luscombe at