A message from Scotland

A message from Scotland

The Scottish Six Days Trial is looking for new and previous observers for next year’s trial (May 6-11) when fantastic action – (like this of Dougie Lampkin above) is there for you to see and officially observe. Read on for the full information.


The Scottish Six Days Trial (SSDT) – Observer information sheet

Dedicated new email : observers@ssdt.org

We have put this sheet together to give a brief description on what to expect during SSDT week and how to apply to be an observer.

The SSDT is a huge event which relies heavily on the help of our amazing volunteers.  Without enough observers we would not be able to run this event.  We ideally are looking for people who can observe all 6 days of the event, although fewer days can be considered.  Experience of observing is definitely helpful but not essential as long as you have a can-do attitude and are physically fit.  We have observers who can ride trials bikes as well as observers who are in cars and then walk the last part to their section.  Observers are always part of a small team (4-6 people) with an experienced team leader.  If you are thinking of joining us as an individual or if there’s 2 -3 of you, we can join you together with others to make a team.

We use an electronic scoring system which are small handheld devices, to record rider scores.

As an observer of the event, we can offer accommodation in the Ben Nevis Hotel at a greatly subsidised rate of £25 per person per night based on 2 observers sharing.  This rate includes breakfast and evening meal each night and if you stay the full 7 nights you only pay for 6.  Therefore, if you share twin room, you would pay 6 x £25 = £150 for the week.  A single room supplement of £25 per night would be payable if not sharing a room, so an extra £150 for the week. The discounted rate is only applicable for the days you observe ie if you observe for 3 days but intend to stay for the whole event then the discount will only apply to 3 nights of your stay.

  Two observers, just behind Roger Williams’ left elbow keep a watchful eye on his progress at the Ben Nevis sections in 2017

A packed lunch is also available every day for observers and you are reimbursed for the fuel you use throughout the week.

You won’t always be on a section as there are other roles like lunch stop or car park which includes setting riders off in the morning and booking and parking bikes back into parc ferme in the afternoon/evening.  There will be early and late days, there might even be some sunshine and there’s definitely a chance of rain.

Above all , this is the opportunity to spend a week in the beautiful Scottish Highlands meeting people from all over the world, taking part in the most famous trial in the World.

If you would like to apply to observe at SSDT 2024 please complete the following online application, via the link below.