Nick takes the shield at Ghyll

Nick takes the shield at Ghyll

There are two particular riders in the Northern Centre, somewhat similar in age, very similar in ability and when riding the same trial are very likely to be close to the top of the results sheet, no matter where the trial or what the conditions.

Those two riders are Nick Shield and Simon Brice. Brice is nearly always onn his four stroke Beta and rides it very well. Shield can be on anything from the 350 Ariel he campaigned in the Pre 65 Scottish, or on a twinshock, usually his Majesty or perhaps a Bultaco and sometimes he’s on a modern TRS.

No matter what each rides, the final result is usually very close and this time, at the Sedbergh Club’s multi class trial at Ghyll Farm it was Shield who finished top of the results on 7 marks lost and Brice was second on 8 – barely anything between them and a long way ahead of the third placed rider on 17.

Four laps of 11 sections was the offering for the 40 riders, not a poor entry for the time of year and for the way things have been recently with entries frequently scarce, with two grades of course available. Robert  Copeland was the easy course winner on 20 from veteran Colin Benson on 28, and a name returning to the results was that of the Dullage family with father Tom, son Phil and grandson Aaron all taking part after a near 20 lapse from the sport.

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