On form Gowan

On form Gowan

Joel Gowan was truly on top form at the Barrow Club’s multiclass Muriel Wilkinson Trial on May 14 as he roared his 250 BSA round the four laps of 10 sections at Everard Lodge, Lowick for the loss of a single mark.

But if Gowan was on form, then so too was Peter Blowers on a brand new, 2 day old 300 Beta who only lost 2 in what, for the Clubman class, was a gentle easy trial at this attractive venue deep in the Lakeland heartland. Occasional visitor to Barrow trials Steve Smith was third and then the scores remained relatively low with most riders managing a significant number of cleans with the smallest total being a very reasonable 68 by Tristan Parsons who is very new to the sport.

However it was a different thing on the much harder Green course where Ethan Johnson lost 33 marks, just one fewer than Owen Gilchrist who threw away marks when his machine stalled at a crucial point early on  whilst Peter Mawson  managed to sneak third place in this category which attracted a third of the entry.

For some reason this trial at this venue never attracts a large entry, 34 took part this year, yet it is a very pleasant location for the sport and is only used once a year and certainly deserves a larger entry to enjoy this excellent venue.

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