Tom’s the best of our four

Tom’s the best of our four

Though not a Northern Centre event  (for which this site is intended), the Scott Trial is very much a classic in which many northern riders and persons are involved which was again the case this year when the trial took place on Saturday, October 14.

Wilf Shuttleworth at Goat’s Splash, early in the trial

Four regular riders from Cumbria took part, with Tom Swindlehurst the best (the lead picture from Faggergill), finishing in 45 place with Wilf Shuttleworth really looking good in his own spectacular way to finish just two positions behind Tom in a fine 47th place and being quicker on the course thous his observation score was more than Tom’s.

Jonny Robinson of the Bassenthwaite club kept going until section 63, just nine hazards from the 75 section finish with undisclosed problems whilst Cameron Brice retired after completing 46 sections.

Such a massive trial which requires so many officials has to rely on lots of help from other clubs and those from other centres and the Northern members were able to help out on this occasion as they do every year.

Winner of the trial for the third consecutive year was Jack Price with first timer Harry Hemingway in second place from Billy Green. Fastest on time was Jonny Richardson in 5 hours 12 minutes and best on observation was Hemingway but he was a bit slower than Price, possibly due to the rear wheel puncture he suffered  mid-trial, which cost him the first time rider/first win.

There are a few pictures from Mike Rapley’s camera in the Gallery.