Update to 2023 Championship race

Update to 2023 Championship race

After seven rounds of the Northern Centre Trials Championship for 2023, Trials Recorder Anthony Hayhurst has produced a shortened list of those currently in contention for the Championship in the various classes. It should be noted that his list currently includes those ineligible to win their particular category who currently reside OUTSIDE the Northern Centre, as individual titles can only be awarded to Northern Centre residents. Names in italics are of riders known to live outside the Northern Centre.

Expert Class: Darren Brice 46, Steven Dixon 43, Tom Swindlehurst 40, James Postlethwaite 36, Richard Gaskell 35.

Intermediate/Novice Hard Course: Cameron Brice 40

Green Course: Philip Alderson 40, Jack Dixon 39, Stuart Blythe 28, Mike Instance 20, Stuart Gaskell 16, Sam Metcalfe 10.

Over 40: Simon Brice 66.

Over 50: Anthony Hayhurst 64

Over 60: Anthony Brockbank 48, Nick Shield 10

Novice Easy: Ben Croasdale 26, Dale Metcalfe 18, Matthew Edmondson 14, Liam Swidenbank 8