Ben strides to Stribers win

Ben strides to Stribers win

Just two days ago, we published a brief outline of the upcoming events for March and now, on Monday morning, already one of those events has taken place.

It was at Stribers Farm that 43 riders assembled for the Barrow Club’s Founder Members Trial for 10 sections ridden four times on the bitterly cold hilltop venue that has been a regular trials venue by the club for many a long year. The sections are predominately rock outcrop on a grassy hillside and for the Clubman at least, had been very sensibly plotted by Peter Blowers who frequently takes on the task of setting out trials courses for various clubs – a great help and one that is certainly appreciated by the clubs, if perhaps not realised by some of the riders.

In this case, Peter could only manage seventh place in the Clubmen, thereby  disproving the theory that marking out a trial gives an advantage, for it was Ben Hanson (lead picture) who proved the best on the day, losing just six marks on his four stroke Beta to finish one ahead of Richard Taylor, who was riding very gingerly to avoid injuring further his foot. Martin Jackson was third having recently switched from a Gas Gas to a new grey Beta which seems to suit him well.

Matthew Hopkinson

Matthew Hopkinson and Steve Stamper shared the spoils on the Green course, both losing 31 marks but with Hopkinson getting the verdict on most cleans with young Connor Anderson who rapidly is proving to be the best youth rider in the Northern Centre in third, all three riders on 31 marks lost.

Just three lads rode the Hard course with James Johnson easily the best from Owen Gilchrist and Ethan King.

Nick Shield’s trialing day came to an early end when the brake arm of his BSA engined CCM broke even before he reached the first section whilst Colin Benson found that his 500 Ariel was simply too big for the style of section at Stribers though Robert Dobson was looking good on his brother’s 500 Norton which he is riding in the forthcoming Pre 65 Scottish Two Day finishing comfortably mid-field on his first trials outing for many moons.

Full results are linked from the Home page and Eric Kitchen’s pictures will be in the Gallery in a day or so.