Cleans galore at Holmescales – Now with pictures

Cleans galore at Holmescales – Now with pictures

It’s always a problem when setting out a trial, particularly during winter when the weather can change considerably from one day to the next, and that was the situation for those who set out the Lakes Club’s trial at Holmescales, for on the Saturday, the previous day it was very wet and inclement whilst on the day of the trial it was bright, sunny and totally dry overhead.

As a result, the trial was considerably easier than expected by the club’s course plotters with numerous clean sheets and very low scores that necessitated furthest clean tie breakers, which, arguably, is a better situation to be in than having a result where the scores are high.

The Lakes GTRC is a club that aims its events at a class of rider who predominately prefer an easier day, so the 55 whwo enjoyed the event all went home happy, and also quite early which allowed the clean up to be completed before darkness fell.

The course, 4 laps of 10 sections was muddy, with both Sam Metcalfe and Michael Irving going clean over the harder route, Irving being on a 2004 Montesa 315 that he has spent some months restoring from a tatty pile. Gavin Hazlett was third and Andrew Mawson fourth on five and six marks respectively.

Cliff Metcalfe, Mark Quinn and Aiden Jackson all went clean on the Clubman route with the next six riders all on a single dab and over the Easy route it was veteran North Western Centre visitor Phil Clarkson who proved to be the best together with Craig Ashbridge who both lost three.

Full results are available from the Home page link with Eric Kitchen’s pictures in the Gallery