On line entries for Barrow and Cumberland County

On line entries for Barrow and Cumberland County

Most riders will be aware that the ACU recently introduced a new website through a company called Sport80 (see elsewhere on this site) which has proven to be very difficult to navigate.

Now, thanks to assistance, both the Cumberland County Club and the Barrow Club have managed to put their next events – on February 5 (Barrow’s Frank Jackson Trial) and February 19 (Cumberland County’s Aughertree Trial) respectively – able to accept entries on-line. Cumberland wish to take all their entries exclusively through the on-line system, but Barrow will also take entries on the day during this interim period as everybody gets used to the new system.

There is a direct link available to reach the entry pages of both events. For the Barrow Frank Jackson Trial it is:


and please note that the regulations that appear if you download them have since changed. The entry fee is £25 (not £20 as on the regulations due to the increase in insurance and ACU levies made since the regs were applied for) and of course on-line entries will be accepted as well as entries on the day :

and for the Cumberland County Aughertree Trial it is: https://acu.sport80.com/public/wizard/e/200280

Do please make use of this facility as it makes life for the trial secretaries very much easier.