Detailing the next few weeks

Detailing the next few weeks

Hi again folks, time to post an update over events relating to the next few weeks.

The Barrow Club have their excellent D.R.Burrow trial on Sunday, March 26 which will again be held in Graythwaite Forest and is flagged from the A590 at Newby Bridge. This is always a good trial with the forest providing some challenging sections for the Expert and Green course riders suitably altered for the Clubman contingent. This is a Northern Centre Championship round, the last round until August when the series continues. Entries are available on the day with no prior on-line entries available this time.

A week later, April 2,  Cumberland County have their trial at Haresceugh which is mentioned elsewhere on this site and for which ONLY on-line entries will be accepted.

Further into April now, Easter weekend is next with two trials planned. On Easter Sunday, April 9 the Bootle Club have round three of the Talon ACU Trial GB series which will be at Po House, Whicham, Millom, a new venue to most of the riders who will be taking part and is undoubtedly the primary event to be held in the Centre all year. Already most of the potential local riders have made their entries and  the club expect the entry list to fill up over the next couple of weeks.

Observers are needed for this trial with Gary Gowan hoping to receive offers from folks who wish to assist in the successful running of the trial. Anthony Brockbank and Joel Gowan are plotting the sections and have already been deciding on exactly what they will be offering.

Then on Easter Monday, the following day, April 10, Westmorland have an easy clubman trial at Firbank, where the Lonsdale trial started. This venue is ideal for a clubman event and will include an easy clubman course as well as a normal clubman course. On-line entries are now available and entries on the day will be available for a small surcharge.