It’s Coopermen

It’s Coopermen

Two Coopers were the ace men at the Barrow Club’s Muriel Wilkinson multi class trial at Everard Lodge, Lowick; Johnathan Cooper (lead picture) was the first who went on to win the Clubman course with the loss of just three marks, which gave him his first trial class win, and the second was Norman Cooper, the Barrow club’s ace clerk of the course and section plotter who set out yet another prime course at this delightful wooded venue.

On a baking hot day, just 32 riders ventured out to sample the delights of this venue split into two areas for sections, one group of the ten sections ridden four times was on the roughty toughty fields and hillocks and the second group was in the green and pleasant undulating fields with groups of oak trees shielding the rock outcrops.

Gas Gas mounted Johnathan Cooper was able to claim the win from Angus Jenkinson by virtue of most cleans but the leading pair were hotly pursued by Brett Willis and Cliff Metcalfe who both lost five marks.

Owen Gilchrist

The hardest section for the clubmen was section eight where nobody managed four cleans over the four laps, but the hardest section for the small number of hard course riders was section seven where class winner Owen Gilchrist lost ten of his total of 25 with Mike Instance on 30 and Sam Metcalfe on 32. In fact three sections caused trouble foe the hard course riders, not just seven, but also eight and nine and that was where most of the marks were lost.

Starting a trials riding pastime can be a very difficult business and perseverance as much as ability is the requirement to enjoy the day, so all credit to Darren Coy in the Over 50 class and Dylan Taylforth a Youth A rider. Both are in the early stages of learning the sport and hopefully went home having enjoyed the day having been encouraged by the club to complete the four laps which meant all 32 riders finished the trial.

Results are from the link on the Home page and Eric Kitchen’s pictures will be in the Gallery soon.