Latest news for Joining The Generation Game

Latest news for Joining The Generation Game


There is now a CHANGE OF VENUE for the Westmorland Club’s Generations Trial on SATURDAY, June 17 which will now be held at the club’s own land at Lindale which will be flagged from Lindale village just off the A590 Levens to Barrow road.
Unfortunately the land at Holme Farm, Middleton, which has traditionally been the venue for what used to be called the Bultaco Revival Nostalgia Trial at this time of year, is so dry the owners have asked the club not to use the land due to the obvious fire risks.
Fortunately the club does own the land at Lindale so moving the trial to this popular venue is the obvious answer.
So, 10.30am on Saturday is the place to be for the Generations Trial, open to six different classes, : Bikes built before 1980; Bikes built 1981 – 1990; Bikes built 1991 – 2000; Bikes built 2001-2010; Bikes built after 2011 and Any Bultaco.
Enter at the start.


The next trial from the Westmorland Club on SATURDAY June 17 is going to be a newly titled event that we have called The Generations Trial.

This trial was formerly called the Bultaco Revival Nostalgia Trial by the Westmorland MC, and to continue the tradition of encouraging the use of older machines, the name has been changed to THE GENERATIONS TRIAL, with the individual classes being bikes of a specific age. The classes will be:

Machines built before 1980;

Machines built between 1981 and 1990;

Machines built between 1991 and 2000;

Machines built between 2001 and 2010;

Machines built after 2011 and

Any Bultaco.

Hopefully this will encourage riders to ride a machine that they probably have “at the back of the shed” that they don’t normally ride and whilst entries will be accepted on modern, up-to-date, latest machines, this is an attempt to bring back into occasional use bikes that have to all intents been abandoned. The categories are exclusively for the machines, and the rider can be of any ability. The course will be of a traditional type and suitable for all class of machine and rider. Please support this initiative intended to bring together all bikes and all riders of any age.

The venue

has been changed (see above) with a start time of 10.30. Currently, we have decided not to use the ACU / Sport 80 on-line entry system so we are  taking entries on the day which we know is preferred by many riders.

This is a new initiative so support the club if possible, preferably on an older bike.