New Year family battles

New Year family battles

With zero marks lost, Jamie Bingley (lead picture)  won the Cumberland County’s New Year’s Day trial at Nord Vue – once home of several World Championship trials rounds – and it was his dad Gary who took third place overall on the Adult Clubman course  at this venue which features several quarry sections and also loads of flat land liberally littered with sandstone boulders.

What might be termed the Bingley sandwich featured Stuart Gaskell on his Leven Valley Two Day winning very standard 175 Yamaha, with his son, Lewis taking fourth place, so the results sheet reads, Bingely, Gaskell, Bingley, Gaskell – a pretty rare occurrence in any trial.

Aron Oliver won Youth B and Bruce Bowman Youth Easy A

With an excellent entry of 62 riders, a third of the entry chose to ride the Adult Easy course where Robert Copland on a single dab beat Ossy Byers by a single mark as he lost two having made his way over into Cumbria from his North East base.

Adult Easy winner Rob Copland

Showers during the day barely affected the going as the sandy soil is so well drained, which proved to be a significant advantage to the Cumberland County section planners for the weather in the north has been so wet for many days that running a trial at all has proven to be difficult for some clubs.

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