Scott Tales

Scott Tales

The infamous Scott Trial took place on October 15, the tradition time and observation trial ran for the 97th time and as usual, there were a number of Northern Centre riders taking part. Should you be unaware of how the trial result is calculated, riders lose marks in the sections (76 of them) as per normal but also one mark for every minute they are slower than standard time, which was set this year by Jonathan Richardson in a time of exactly 5 hours and a few seconds. Riders then had a further two-and-a-half hours to complete the course in excess of standard time at a mark a minute

The best performer of the 9 Cumbrians who took part was Cameron Brice who finished in a fine 35th place with a combined score of 92 on observation and 90 on time, totalling 182. Next best was Joel Gowan  in 42nd position (135+55=190), then Jamie Bingley  in 49th (125+84=209), then in 51st it was James Postlethwaite  (132+83=215) closely followed by Tom Swindlehurst in 58th (123+118=241).

Craig Seward

Dan Gaskell claimed 84th place (191+117=308) and Craig Seward was 87th (191+133=324). Unfortunately Lewis Johnson (our lead picture at section 7, Goats) finished the course with an observation score of 166 but was six-and-a-half minutes over the time limit whilst Jonny Robinson never made it to the first section as his bike broke down with a blown cylinder head 0-ring.

There were 200 starters with 101 finishers, a particularly large number as the conditions were good this year when compared to many previous years.