Take two Tenaci-Wongs and?????

Take two Tenaci-Wongs and?????

There are some things in life that the average person is never likely to see – Flying Pigs, Pink Elephants, a Bull In A China Shop, Two Tenaci-Wongs in one trial – yet one of those four impossibilities was actually witnessed last weekend when two of the Chinese made trials bikes were not only witnessed in the same trial but were able to be photographed together!

The trial was the Lakes Grass Track Club’s trial at Clawthorpe, when, for the first time, a pair of the water-cooled, electric start, fuel injected 200cc four strokes were both in competition in the capable hands of Tony Swidenbank and Craig Asbridge.

Swinny bought his machine some weeks ago pre-used from a rider in the north east who has spent a lot of time and money making alterations both cosmetic and to the suspension, whilst Craig Asbridge bought his directly from the Chinese manufacturer who sent the bike direct from China, with it finally arriving on a pallet at Craig’s home after a six week sea journey by container.

Whilst it is difficult to make an objective view in a five minute ride, the bike feels remarkably good with its only obvious failing being a slight hesitation in the throttle response due to the ECU unit, but replacements suitably modified are currently on their way to Craig from China.

Make your own mind up about this machine, but they look the part, they certainly ride well, the steering is neutral, the finish looks good and the specification is second to none. As for the price, well they come into the country fairly cheaply, but VAT and import duty spoils that benefit. Only time will tell as to the long term success, but without disrespecting the two riders featured, a good Centre expert should be able to be quite competitive on one.