The Centre’s Champions – both Motocross and Trials

The Centre’s Champions – both Motocross and Trials

Frazer Clark – Adult Centre Champion

The Northern Centre Motocross Championship season has now been completed and all those who have finished in the overall top three of each class have been calculated.


Automatics: 1 Bryan Wheldon, 2 Oliver Lee, 3 Paddy Lees.

65s: 1 Brooklyn Tinker, 2 Vinnie Anderson, 3 Jenson Branney

Small wheel 85s: 1 Connor Thompson, 2 Kian Harkness, 3 Sam Morris.

Big wheels 85s: 1 Zach Pearson, 2 Joe Dakin, 3 Jay Jackson.

Open: 1 Robbie Park, 2 Liam Johnston, 3 Jack Murray.

Adult Centre Champion: Frazer Clark.

North of England Champions

Automatics: Oliver Lee

65s: Brooklyn Tinker

Small wheels 85s: Connor Thompson

Big wheels 85s: Zach Pearson

Open: Robbie Park



Tom Swindlehurst – Centre Expert Champion

The Northern Centre Trials season has also reached a point where those in the reckoning can’t be beaten with just one round to come on Sunday, October 2 with the Barrow Club’s Revenge Trial.  Trials co-ordinator Anthony Hayhurst has just supplied the latest figures. The Youth results have not yet been supplied.

Expert: Tom Swindlehurst 71, Steve Dixon 58.

Intermediate: Tom Hodgson 50

Novice Hard Course: Dan Gaskell 30

Green Course: Jack Dixon 55, Stuart Gaskell 35, Nigel Birkett 32.

Clubman Novice: Andrew Mawson 46

Over 40: Peter Blowers 68, Simon Brice 40.

Over 50: Anthony Hayhurst 78, Mark Quinn 66.

Over 60: Angus Jenkinson 79.