This trial exacted its Revenge

This trial exacted its Revenge

For many years, there has never been any doubt that the Barrow Club’s Revenge Trial is considered one of the Centre’s more difficult trials – and the promotion on the first Sunday of October proved to be no different with 3 laps of 12 slippery sections over a long, very boggy moorland course ideal preparation for the following weekend’s Lakes Two Day Trial – should the competitor be riding in that event as well.

Even though some of the Centre’s top riders were tackling the final round of the British Championship in Wales, there was still a healthy entry of expert riders with Tom Middleton steering his Vertigo to the class win with a final score of 13 which was exactly half that of Tom Hick who was the runner-up.

John Duffy

Out on the fells there was a ferocious section for the Experts only featuring a big stepped waterfall that was thankfully dry. To some eyes it look impossible, but to those capable, it was very much a hazard to clean and on lap one, after Richard Gaskell had showed the way others followed over the next attempts with impressive cleans.                                                         

Adam Brayton                                                                                                             Chris Hayhurst

The section was a double-subber and though not difficult for the green course and clubman course riders, was slippery and tricky enough to take marks from all except Green class winner Stephen Dixon (emulating his previous win just seven days earlier in the Grant Cup), Robert Shuttleworth, Stuart Gaskell, Mike Instance and Jonny Robinson (all Green class riders) whilst the Clubman aces on this dual section were winner John Duffy and Danny Ralphs.

Stephen Dixon – Green course winner

Section 6 defeated all the clubmen three times except for John Duffy who lost just 8 and the six riders who scrabbled through for less than three fives, Adam Brayton, Mark Barrow and Andrew Mawson on 11 and Jonny Wren, Andrew Fitzsimmons and Jackson Edwards on 13.

A tough day out in good weather and it should be noted from the results on the Home page that not all the indicated retirements were actual retirees, some were non-starters. There’s a load of Eric Kitchen’s pictures in the Gallery NOW!!