The latest from Cumberland County MCC

The latest from Cumberland County MCC

Hi again folks; As was reported last week, your site host has been on holiday so this site is a bit out of date, but not for much longer.

Though the results of Cumberland County’s Two Day Centenary Trial have been available for over a week now on Facebook, they are now viewable on the Results page of this site. There’s no point in putting out a report as all those will know what the event was like and those that don’t know, can at least view the results.

Whilst we are concerned with the Cumberland County Club, they wish it to be know that the Rutherford Cup which is a trial that is organised by a different Centre club each year will now move to Cumberland ‘s August 18  event in conjunction with their Youth Centre round at Brownrigg Fell near Penrith. The Rutherford is also an adult centre round, so a trial well worth supporting no matter what your age may be.

A month earlier, on July 21 it’s the Velocette  Cup Trial at Roughton Gill near Caldbeck which is a  Club trial – all off road with a five mile lap over two routes, Clubman and easy

There’s nothing silly on either course but the venue may be challenging for beginners, the classes are Adult Solo Plus Youth A/ B classes with an 11.00 start

Online entries only via the entry link below and the Lake District National Park have requested that no dogs are allowed and please stick to the flagged route at all times.

Entry ink below