The passing of Dick Harrison

The passing of Dick Harrison

We are very sorry to have just learned of the passing of Dick Harrison of Sedbergh who was a very well known and most likeable bike dealer who had his shop in the centre of the village.

Dick was very much a “character” and though his connection with recent motorcycle sport had long gone, when he was a very active dealer in the late ‘seventies and early ‘eighties, he concentrated on the Montesa brand and many older riders will have bought their up to date machine from the Sedbergh shop.

On a personal note (writes Mike Rapley),  Dick Harrison was the supplier of the first sidecar trials outfit that I rode with my passenger Mannix Devlin. When we first collected the brand new machine which was a 348 Montesa with a BKS (Barry Kefford) sidecar, the first time it was started outside the workshop at the back of the shop, it sheared the flywheel key and we had to return a day later after Dick had fixed the problem.

Dick Harrison was a sponsor of the Northern Centre Grass Track Championship back in the day when grass tracks were held but perhaps he was better known in recent times as a life-liong enthusiast of the TT. I know that he always spectated from a cottage on the immediate approach to Gorse Lea and it was there that I enjoyed a long chat with him some years ago at the Manx festival.

I was fortunate to be able to take his picture back in the summer of 2020 when I spotted him outside what had been his shop when I was enjoying a summer evening road bike ride. Amazingly he recognised me and was happy for me to take his photograph.

Our consolations go to his family and friends for the loss of a true enthusiast and character.