Electric ace stars

Electric ace stars

Taking a break from riding trials has obviously worked for electrician Anthony Brockbank as his winning ride was electrifying over the Clubman course in the Barrow Club’s Boxing Day trial at the Old Railway Line, Torver.

Brocky lost just four marks to finish with less than half the score of his three nearest rivals, Karl Ratcliffe, Danny Ralphs and James Hodkinson, who all lost nine marks with the number of cleans tie decider putting them in their respective positions. And with veteran Chris Myers on the Jonathan Wren Triumph Tigress engined pre65 weapon just a further mark behind, it was a close fought battle over the four laps of ten sections at a very muddy venue, last used for the British Championship round the Westmorland Club promoted at the venue.

Anthony Brockbank

Brockbank’s four marks all went at the only stream section in the trial which has been used for many years and which is notoriously slippery, even after the passage four times of the 50 starters.. He had a three and a dab and two cleans, his only loss on the day.

The 21 riders on the Green course had a far harder time with some significant steps featuring in the event. Centre Champion for the second consecutive year, Tom Swindlehurst made mincemeat of the hazards and lost just a single mark on the final section of the lap, with Will Brockbank, the Clubman winner’s son, now very much the master of the Inch Perfect EM in second place, just one in front of Ross Bainbridge out on a Montesa 4RT after returning to the sport a couple of years ago on two strokes.


Jordan Lathan

Another rider returning to the sport as a rider after more than six months since his last trial was the Black course winner Mike Rapley on a recently purchased Montesa 4RT. The Black route is the easiest of the three on offer and intended for the old codgers and newcomers to the sport. Rapley qualifies for the old codger category whilst the next pair in the class, Elliott Owens and Aidee Smith were the younger newcomers.

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