Dads v lads (and lass!)

Dads v lads (and lass!)

Having recently seen the latest full list of riders scheduled to take part in the upcoming Scottish Six Days Trial, we believe that there are currently 12 father/son / daughter combinations riding – 11 dads and lads and one dad and daughter.

Obvious leading  pair to most enthusiasts is likely to be Dougie and Alfie Lampkin which puts some pressure on both with Doug going for win number 13 from 17 previous attempts and Alfie having his first experience of six days riding in Scotland. But then they could have some significant competition in the form of Dan and Harry Hemingway- Dan 24 rides to date, Harry zero so far but already a World Trials Champion.

If one considers the above two pairings favourite for a non-existent award of “Best Father and Son”, then which duo would be on the third step of our mythical podium? Three Cumbrian parental pairings should come into the reckoning, in no suggested order, being Richard and Dan Gaskell, Steve and Jack Dixon and Darren and Cameron Brice.

Looking through the entry list and by linking birth dates with names suggests there are another seven pairs: James and Fraser McDougall, Carlos and Pere Casas, Patrick and Gareth Palmer, Andy and Charlie Cripps, Chris and Ben Howman then Spanish ace Jaime Subira (our lead picture from 1983 in Finland watched by Danilo Galleazzi)  has two sons taking part, Rudi and Ricard with all three entered on Fantics.

Finally, not to be outdone by the men Jens ter Jung will be enjoying the trial for the first time with his daughter Sophia.