Observers wanted – please!

Observers wanted – please!

Next to the Lakes Two Day, the biggest trial of the year in the Northern Centre is rapidly approaching with the Bootle Club’s running of round three of this year’s Talon/ACU Trial GB championship for the five classes, Trial GB, Trial 2, Trial 125, Trial Electric and Trial Expert.

Whilst entries have been slow in coming in, the list of top riders planning to travel to West Cumbria for the trial at Po House is increasing and with the 3 laps of 12 sections plotted and ready to be flagged out by Anthony Brockbank and Joel Gowan, there is still the problem of attracting enough observers.

Though there are only 12 sections, there is the need for 24 observers as each section has a timekeeper and separate observer/score recorder, and whilst Chief Marshal Gary Gowan has  getting on for enough, he still needs some volunteers.

So you lads who ride every week and are happy to say thanks to the regulars who do the job most weekends, with nothing else on that day of the trial, your help to observe is needed. A phone call to Gary on 07740 964982 would be very much appreciated.

It’s not a testing job as the riders can do anything EXCEPT move backwards with their feet down. Stopping, reversing, moving sideways etc is all allowed, you just count the number of times the feet touch the ground as you would in any other trial and fives are generally most obvious (see main picture), except for rolling back with a foot touching the floor.

Support the club that supports your sport – PLEASE.