Teenager Wilf tops the DR Burrow

Teenager Wilf tops the DR Burrow

Young Wilf Shuttleworth, still a teenager, had his best ride to date at the Barrow Club’s D.R.Burrow trial held on March 26 in Graythwaite Forest which was a round of the Northern Centre Trials Championship, completing the three laps of 12 sections for the loss of 22 marks, which was three fewer than Steve Dixon lost as runner-up. Over the hard course, reduced to just six entrants, James Postlethwaite finished third but 10 further back from Dixon.



Winner Wilf Shuttleworth                      and his dad           Robert

The Cumbrian Forest overlooking Windermere has always been a good venue for trials but recent felling of the forest has made it more difficult to find sections as much of the brash left lying after harvesting makes finding a route through difficult at times, but the plotting team did a good job and crafted a selection of sections that were a lot less challenging than they had been in the previous year which was welcomed by the 42 strong entry, reduced in number as a few centre regulars were away chasing British Championship points.

Wilf’s dad Robert was also a winner in the trial, taking victory over the green course which uses a few of the hard sections and a number of Clubman sections, with a three mark advantage over Andrew Payne with another teenager, Jack Dixon in third.



Nick Shield                                                             Erik Buckley

Whilst the youngsters were definitely to the fore over the two more difficult routes, it was old fellers who showed the way on the Clubman category, with the over 60s, Anthony Brockbank and Nick Shield showing the way on nine and eleven respectively with Ben Croasdale next in the reckoning with third place on 18.

Full results are available under the Results link and Eric Kitchen pictures in the Gallery.