High temperatures bring out the Barrow boys

High temperatures bring out the Barrow boys

Riding a trials bike in the UK in near 30 degree (Celcius) temperatures is not for the feint-hearted, but 42 riders decided to do just that at the Barrow Club’s Henry trial on June 11 at the popular Old Railway Line, Torver venue, used for anything from a Boxing Day club trial to a Trial GB round.

Over 50 Clubman Martin Jackson (Lead image)aboard a new 2023 Gasser had his best ride since moving from riding and living in the North West Centre to tackling Cumbrian trials, losing just a single dab to win the clubman class held over four laps of ten sections which gave him a five mark advantage over regular Clubman top three placemen Simon Brice and Peter Blowers with John Duffy a single mark further behind.

Scores remained fairly low throughout the Clubman class populated by the majority of riders and even in the Green 50/50 route and the hard route no rider went home thinking they had ridden badly with a huge three figure score.

Jimmy Johnson won the hard route from Wilf Shuttleworth with just a mark between them and it was Andrew Payne, fresh from tackling his first SSDT ride who was the best Green course rider from Peter Mawson, though in this case Payne had ten marks in hand over Mawson with the returnee Dan Johnson in third.

The popular venue always seems to drag out riders who perhaps have had a rest for a few months for various reasons and even several north western area residents made the journey with travelling friends Steve Shutt, Danny Ralphs and Cameron Emmett enjoying the event as did Andy Fitzsimmons whilst Breckin Barclay who only lives in the next village took his Vertigo to a mid place result.

Full results from the Home page link with Eric Kitchen pictures, taken in full 30 degree sunshine are in the Gallery.