Take your pick for June

Take your pick for June

As summer approaches there may be more things to do than ride in competitions on a Sunday but that doesn’t alter the fact that events are still scheduled to take place and most recently, on-line entry systems have been created for  six, maybe even seven events between May 25 and June 26.

So whilst few riders will be able, or indeed even want to ride in every event, we list them here so that everybody gets to know what’s upcoming.

May 25 – Sedbergh Wednesday evening trial

June 3 – Lakes GTRC Tommy Brady Charity trial

June 5 – Cumberland County Alan Normandale Championship round

June 12 – Barrow MC Henry Trial

June 18 – Westmorland DMC Bultaco Revival Nostalgia Trial

June 25/26 – Cumberland County MCC two day Centenary Trial and listed in the calendar but not yet on the ACU on-line system is Bassenthwaite with their June 1 Wednesday evening charity trial.

So take your pick and get entered.