Those who venture succeed!

Those who venture succeed!

Two riders from the north east ventured into Cumbria at the weekend for the Cumberland County Club’s third Frank Smith series round, held this time at Milburn, and walked away with the spoils in both Adult Clubman and Adult Easy classes in this well supported club trial from the Northern Centre.

Ian Cheetham, no stranger to riding in Cumbria, went totally clean through the trial of four laps aboard his TY 250 Yamaha in the main Clubman route which attracted 27 riders, whilst Ossy Byers need just 2 marks to claim the win riding his Dot over the Clubman Easy route, a class that attracted 15 entries.

No matter that the trial was basically very easy, going clean all day is never easy as both the joint runners up found when David Tallontire and David Braithwaite both lost a single mark whilst easy route riders Graham Knight and Gordie Oliver lost 5 and 6 respectively over the easy course.

There’s only a small number of trials riding youths in Cumbria at present with the two main contenders being Connor Anderson and Lewis Gaskell in B class and A class respectively. Both won their categories on 4 and 18 marks riding¬† the main clubman route whilst the Easy route youth winner was Sam Long.

Altogether a well supported Spring trial with a decent entry for the less populated area where the Cumberland County club runs their trials.

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