Trio of Brices star at Fell Green (More pictures in the Gallery)

Trio of Brices star at Fell Green (More pictures in the Gallery)

It was a tough trial at Fell Green, Bootle for the Bootle SC’s Northern Centre Championship trial on January 22, where 54 riders were faced with a long ride out for 4 laps of the ten sections, all of which were very difficult either due to the mud being carried over the protruding rocks or because the stream sections at Kaisor were extremely slippery.

Jack Dixon                                                           Cameron Batty                                                  Simon Brice             

Only the first and last sections provided much relief and where cleans could be recorded with some ease, for at least seven of the remaining eight hazards were big mark takers, even from the class winners.

Lowest score on a cold and windy day that mercifully stayed dry was Jack Dixon who topped the Green class which uses a mix of the Hard and Clubman sections. He lost 37 marks, three fewer than those lost by Mike Instance and 11 less than Nigel Birkett who was beginning his annual ride regularly sessions for the forthcoming Scottish Six Days where he makes his 50th appearance in the event, a record that surely will never be beaten.

Connor Anderson                                                Andy Downham                                                Anthony Brockbank   

But back to Fell Green where the father and son duo of Darren and Cameron Brice took the top two places on the ultra tough hard course with dad beating lad by just 4 marks. Lowest score over the Clubman class was by another  Brice, Simon this time, younger brother to Darren who was the best Over 40, whilst best Over 50 was Andy Downham and best Over 60 was Anthony Brockbank, soon to be assisting Joel Gowan as the pair set out round 3 of the Wulfsport third Trial GB round in early April.

Whilst there is generally a shortage of youths riding in Cumbria, those that do tackle the bigger trials are showing up well with Connor Anderson having a great ride  to win Youth B with a score second best over the Clubman route and Joel Hazlett won Youth A with the third best score in the Clubman class.

Joel Hazlett                                                           Lee Southam

And spare a round of applause for 10 year old Cameron Batty who completed all four laps of what was undoubtedly a tough trial on his Beta 80. His score was mighty, but simply to undertake such a trial and complete it under his own steam augurs well for a successful future in the sport.

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